SKYL Automotive
Engine Mountings
It ensures your engine runs balanced and prevents operating vibrations.
SKYL Automotive
Wishbone Bushings
It effectively increases your current control by enhancing the driving feel of your vehicle on the road.
SKYL Automotive
Shock Absorber Mounting Rear
It supports the absorption of all potholes and bumps that will be reflected on your vehicle from the road.
SKYL Automotive
Rubber Bellows
It ensures that parts such as the axle, steering wheel, and shock absorber are protected from external conditions.

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About SKYL

SKYL is a SERAL KALIP corporation. It started mold production in 2008 and provided mold making services to many sectors, especially the automotive sector. In 2010, it started to produce sheet metal parts for the automotive sub-industry sector. In 2012, it expanded its machine park and capabilities by including the welding process. It still produces sheet metal and welded parts for the automotive sub-industry sector. In 2020, it started to produce rubber-metal combination parts by making ...

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